Judith Beville, a lifetime of working for the people of Greenburgh.

As Greenburgh Town Clerk, Judith has brought great innovation and cost savings to our Town. Here are just a few of her accomplishments.


Created a more user-friendly way for the public to access agendas, documents and Town Board Minutes by upgrading technology.


Earned New York State Region 9 Awards for Excellence in Records Management Programs.


Secured New York State grant to develop a Records-Focused Disaster Management Plan.


Secured funding for upgrading Cable TV-related equipment and services. 


Initiated meaningful internship jobs for students throughout Greenburgh.


When grant dollars ran out, Judith took over sponsorship of the annual summer outdoor concert series at Hartsdale Farmer's Market. She brings in musical talent at no cost to taxpayers. 



More about Judith


Town Clerk Judith Beville is an energetic professional with broad-based experience in leading change initiatives within public sector management with effective, efficient and dynamic leadership. Described by former First Lady Matilda R. Cuomo as "...a dynamo" when she held the title of Regional Coordinator, New York State Mentoring Program, Judith applies her skills, talents and expertise to improve the quality of service to constituents as well as increasing accountability and productivity. Judith has over 20 years of experience in public sector management as well as significant training and experience in education.


Customer service is the number one priority in the Office of the Town Clerk. Within the past six years, Judith has placed our Clerk's Office in the forefront of records management, facilitated final agreements on the cable television contract, resulting in $700,000 for equipment upgrades and consolidated town-wide licensing services saving tax dollars for village residents. In addition, Judith initiated and orchestrated the implementation of AgendaQuick software, a state-of-the art agenda/minutes management program that allows consolidation of all these documents in one location. She also made major improvements in Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) procedures. The result was quicker response times and a significant increase in customer satisfaction. The Clerk's Office is in the process of implementing credit card access for payment of fees and permits.


Judith has brought an unprecedented level of community outreach to the Greenburgh Town Clerk's Office. Over the past six years, she has collaborated with Town Supervisor, Paul Feiner, to bring high school and college interns to Town Hall to learn about local government. Judith and Paul have also facilitated the involvement of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts in civic activities at Town Hall. Community outreach and engaging youth in activities at Town Hall, according to Judith, "...makes local government more user-friendly and helps decrease a sense of alienation and distance between residents and their local government. Further, it's important for youth to understand how they can make a difference in the quality of life in their communities." Judith and Paul also work together to coordinate the Greenburgh Student News Network, a summer internship program with a grant from Apple Bank, the Berkeley College Students Work-Study Program and the Hartsdale Avenue Farmers Market Summer Music Series.